I primarily use native woods such as sycamore and ash, as a interesting natural canvas which is then embellished and shaped using a wide variety of processes, including gilding, staining and warping. My pieces are coloured using stains which penetrate the wood giving a deep colour, while enhancing the figure within the wood, they are then finished using natural waxes which give a warm tactile sheen.

My Warped Collection is inspired by the natural warping which occurs in all wood and has been driven by my passion for working alongside the unique properties of wood. To create these pieces, I have developed processes and shapes which accentuate and manipulate this warping, creating pieces which look organic yet slightly unnatural.

I started woodturning in 2015 after receiving a grant to set up a workshop. Since then, my woodturning has become very contemporary, combining woods with colour, metal and gilding. I have had to develop my own techniques to create the balance of artistic embellishment and form.